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Features of Catalog Max
1. Supports floppy disks hard drives optical disks CD-ROMs ZIP disks etc.
2. You can also create a catalog for a single folder.
3. Supports network paths. Example: "\\James Computer\gamefiles".
4. Clear interface. You can perform most functions with just one click.
5.Very fast. It only takes a few seconds to create a catalog for your favorite CD or to find a file in all of your catalogs.
6. Provides counters for every category and type so you can easily know how many catalogs are under each category and type.
7. Catalog Max can rename move delete and get information for each catalog.
8. Easy to use. It is the perfect catalog tool for both computer beginners and advanced users.
9. You can share databases with other computers.
10. DirectOpen. Now you can open file directly from the catalog frame of main window or from the search result of find window.
11. Catalog Max can export various reports for you.
12. 'Update' Function added! When you updated your Hard Disk/CD-RW/Jaz/MO/Floppy Disk you can update the catalog immediately with this function.
13.You can add more icons freely! Just copy them to folder "Catalog Max installed path\Plug-Ins\ico\".
14.Keyboard shortcuts added from Ver1.40.
15.You can modify the catalog's comments freely.
16. Catalog Max can scan ZIP files so you can view ZIP files' contents by right clicking the filename.
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