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Features of Chat Anywhere
1. To visit your chatroom, your guests needn't install any special 'Client software', browser is enough.
2. Chatter can visit your chatroom by using IE 4/5.0/5.5/6.0, Netscape 4.77/6.0/6.1/6.2/7.0,. All these browsers work fine with Chat Anywhere.
3. Once you update your chatroom, your visitors needn't download and update anything because there is no any 'client software' at all.
4. Chat Anywhere can run individually and you needn't install any website server(IIS/Apache/Pws/Tomcat/etc) to your computer.
5. You can configure and open more than 2 rooms at one time. (each chatroom has its own setting) .
6. Chat Anywhere can save log files for each chatroom.
7. Private Chat function. You can disable the Private Chat function if you want.
8. You can even kick bothersome visitor out of your chatroom.
9. You can also refuse unwelcome guys to visit your chatroom by setting their IP as "forbidden".
10. You can set chat topic.
11. You can choose the language of your chatroom( Portuguese/English/French /German/etc.).
12. Without having any programming knowledge, you can customize the appearance of your chatroom freely and easily.
14. Passowrd protection. You can use this function to protect your chat room from unapproved visitor.
15. Now you can log general information and chat contents.
16. Language filter. You can use it to block foul language.
17. You can change the refresh rate of your chat room.
18. You can install Chat Anywhere as NT service.
19. You can manage your chat room remotely.
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